Discover nature - easy life - simple living!
Experience the paradise of recreation together with your family or friends at the Sängsjön lake.
Here you can find silence, simplicity and yourself. Escape from the daily rush and the influence of modern gadgets.
Discover the surroundings by yourself or together with us.


Sängsjön Stuga
The cabin is situated directly at the shore of the Sängsjön lake.
It contains a living room with a small kitchen and a iron oven. The sleeping room is equipped with a double bed - at the loft you can find two additional sleeping possibilities. The outhouse offers an outstanding view over the lake thanks to its split door.

There is no electricity or running water in the cabin. 100% free of electric smog.

Pictures of the cabin and the surrounding
sangsjon2 fallen picknik grillplatz boot berry kaffe
essen ofen schlafen eingang

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